Barn Door Kit

      With so many Barn Door Kits on the market how is it possible to know which kit will be right for your barn door, or home? Choosing the right Barn Door Hardware Kit is a critical piece to adding a beautiful barn door to your home.  Choosing the right Barn Door Kit comes down to three factors aesthetics, clearance, and installation.

        When walking my clients through choosing the right barn door kit the first thing we tackle is the finish color. Today you can find barn door hardware in every color imaginable; black, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, natural steel, polished steel and even pops of color like blue or red. Two things to keep in mind when choosing a hardware finish is what finishes are the current fixtures in your home, and do you want the hardware to standout from the door color or just blend in? In most cases if one my clients has oil rubbed bronze hardware throughout the house, than an oil rubbed bronze hardware kit would make the most sense to keep everything consistent throughout.   I find that making the barn door kit “pop” from the door rather than blending in is just about a 50/50 split and purely comes down to preference. If your barn door is painted black, than a satin nickel barn door kit will really stand out and make a huge design statement.   On the other hand if you would like your barn door to be the statement rather than the barn door kit maybe choose a black hardware kit to go with a black painted door. In the end there is really no right or wrong way to choosing the finish for the barn door kit, adding a barn door to any home can make a massive design statement.

             Another element when choosing a barn door kit that many people do not think about is the clearance you have from the top of the opening to the ceiling to mount the actual hardware.   Most standard kits come with a minimum clearance of 5 -6”, usually you mount your track close to 3” above the opening, and then have 2” wheels and that is how this number is found. Keep in mind most standard kits come with a weight capacity of holding around 200 pounds. Heavy duty hardware kits that can hold anywhere from 500- 800 pounds normally come with wheels that are anywhere from 4 inches to 6 inches in height so keep that in mind and always ask what the weight capacity is before buying a barn door kit. In some cases you may have zero clearance when your opening goes right up to the ceiling. For this application look up ceiling mount hardware, another unique idea I have seen is mounting a box beam at the top of the opening to match your barn door. This will give you the clearance you need to mount a track securely. The most important thing before buying a barn door kit is to ask plenty of questions, I would suggest calling the sales rep and asking about clearance and capacity before purchasing.

       The most important thing when it comes to installing a barn door kit is making sure you have something solid to bolt the track to. You will find that some barn door kit tracks come pre drilled. The number of holes you will find depends on the size of the track. Other barn door kit tracks come with out any holes. If you purchased a kit that is predrilled, you are best off to put up a header board up first, this should be the same size as your track or possibly a little longer, making sure the header is secured to the studs spanning the length of the header, and then securing the track to that header board. The reason for the header is because it is more than likely the stud positions will not line up with the pre drilled holes, Unless you have a solid header in between each stud, then you can just bolt the track to the drywall. If your kit does not have holes predrilled in it, you will have to find the studs in the wall along the length of the track. Then you will secure the track directly into the studs using a long lag, a spacer and a washer to prevent crushing the drywall. Either method will work just fine. It is important to read the instructions on what height and how far past the opening you should start mounting the track. 

            Ordering a barn door kit can be somewhat overwhelming with so many choices and options out there. Do your research and make sure to ask plenty of questions to the professionals in this field! Adding a barn door to your home can make a huge statement, make sure it is done right.

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