Are Barn Doors a Fad?

My clients ask me all the time if Barn Doors will ever go out of style.  The short answer is no, for a variety of different reasons.  Barn doors can come in any style to compliment any home, whether you have a contemporary loft in New York City or a more rustic home in Arizona you will be able to find a door to suit your needs.  Another huge benefit of barn doors is they are extremely functional, and in most cases huge space savers.


The great thing about barn doors is that each and every one of them is different.  From extremely modern barn doors, to farmhouse style barn doors you can find it all.  Our companies The Barn Door Store, and Barn Doors Now have installed thousands of doors, and each and everyone of them is different.  Originally when thinking of a barn door you think rustic, or farmhouse.  This thought is quickly evolving, as the barn door industry continues to grow, so do the designs.  The most popular offerings have quickly become smooth shaker style painted barn doors, and barn doors with glass panel inserts.  No matter the style of your home you can be sure that adding a barn door will make a huge statement.


Barn Doors Now


The biggest reason Barn Doors are here to stay is because of their functionality.  We have coined the term "functional art"  barn doors serve a purpose, and they act as a piece of unique art in your home, what can be better than that!?  I like to think of barn doors as the new pocket door, it serves the same purpose without having to go through the struggle of opening up your wall for installation, or worrying about opening the wall up if the door ever goes off track.  On average a barn door will save about 9 sqft compared to a regular swinging door.  This can make a huge difference in laundry rooms, bathrooms, or smaller loft in the city.  


In conclusion Barn Doors are here to STAY!


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